Cathe's Notes

Pressure Cooker Kids —

What leads us to overspend and over schedule our kids? Middle school kids aren't the only ones tempted to cave in to peer pressure....

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Bible Studies

Love Letters

The 2015-2016 Virtue study is complete! All lessons and lectures are available.

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Trusting Who, Not Why —

How much do I actually trust the Lord each day—especially in the struggles...

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Teriyaki Wasabi Salmon —

This flavorful salmon is quick and so easy to prepare! ...

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About Virtue

The virtuous woman is a woman of many strengths and heroic courage. Not exactly the picture of Victorian grandmothers dressed in black, or pale-complexioned ladies sipping tea, right? But is this virtuous woman, in essence, a man? Not on your life. We are uniquely and wonderfully female, with all the complexities implied. A woman of many strengths. Hopefully you'll come to discover exactly how that can look as you poke around this site. Enjoy!