Cathe's Notes

Pray Your Emotions —

We might feel that we need to put on our "Sunday best" when we come to God in prayer. I am convinced that God wants the same thing from us that He wanted from David: an honest heart....

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V2 Learning Groups

Honest to God

David: Profiles of an Authentic Life.

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Rio Olympics No Go = Success? —

When is success not measured by achievement or a title? God's measure of success...

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Fresh and Easy Oats —

Don't forget breakfast! Let this simple recipe make your back-to-school´╗┐...

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Pom-Pom Garland —

Fall is in the air! Learn to make these simple and inexpensive poms and let...

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About Virtue

The virtuous woman is a woman of many strengths and heroic courage. Not exactly the picture of Victorian grandmothers dressed in black, or pale-complexioned ladies sipping tea, right? But is this virtuous woman, in essence, a man? Not on your life. We are uniquely and wonderfully female, with all the complexities implied. A woman of many strengths. Hopefully you'll come to discover exactly how that can look as you poke around this site. Enjoy!