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Living in the Light of Eternity

Heaven is a real place. So is Hell. Doesn't it makes sense to learn everything we can about the afterlife before we find ourselves there? Living in the Light of Eternity by Don Stewart will be sent to you in thanks for your gift to Harvest Ministries.

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Daily Devotion with Greg Laurie

Is All Killing Wrong?

We live in a violent and murderous culture today, a culture that is awash in fighting and killing, a culture where nearly two million people are violent crime victims each year. Yet the sixth commandment says, "You shall not murder" (Exodus 20:13). All murder is wrong, but all killing . . .

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Unfortunately, some believers live in a bubble. They try to isolate themselves from unbelievers. But how can we reach unbelievers if we're never near them? Pastor Greg Laurie points out it's our job to build a bridge to those who need Christ.
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"Things to Do before the End of the World"

  • July 5,2015 | 
  • Luke 12 | 
  • Greg Laurie
Christians should be shining lights in a dark place, and should be anxiously awaiting the return of Jesus Christ. In today's message, Pastor Greg Laurie teaches about the coming return of Christ and the Christian's responsibility to always be prepared for His return.
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