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Through the Eyes of a Lion

In Through the Eyes of a Lion, you'll see that grief and loss are tools that God can use to not only make us stronger, but to accomplish His good purposes. This book is our gift to you in appreciation for your donation this month to Harvest Ministries.

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Daily Devotion with Greg Laurie

The Message Proclaimed

From the original Greek, we could translate the final question in Romans 10:14 as, "How shall they hear without one preaching?" The Phillips translation puts it this way, "How can they hear unless someone proclaims Him?" Therefore, we see the emphasis is not on a preacher, but on preaching. . . .

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The storms of life are meant to drive us into the waiting arms of Jesus.Pastor Greg Laurie points out that the Lord has the relief you need - He's just waiting for an invitation to help. Learn how to let the Savior save you!
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"Answering Difficult Questions Nonbelievers Ask"

  • August 6,2015 | 
  • John 9:1-7 | 
  • Greg Laurie
Sometimes God challenges believers through a test of endurance to develop spiritual strength. Christians are to adapt to situations, look for opportunities to draw people out, and share the gospel. When God changes the lost, sometimes He also wants to change us.
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