The Most Blessed Trip I Have Ever Been On

Eric Martinez shares his experience in the Phillipines with Harvest Missions.

I just got back from a missions trip in the Philippines 2 weeks ago. It was by far the most blessed trip I have ever been on. The Holy Spirit’s presence was so powerfully on display I am having trouble putting it into words.. Not only did God provide above and beyond what we prayed for, but he allowed me to see a modern day 1st century church. I saw young men of God answering God’s call to leave their families and homes and go into their world and pastor these fledgling churches who are primarily teenagers and children, who are flocking to the message of the gospel. I got the privilege to see what “Christ in us” means. These people convicted and inspired me to wake up and step up for the day is near and the night is well spent.

I am praying now about returning to the Philippines, and if the Lord will’s, to stay long term. Never before has the Lord put a people or a place on my heart as intensely as this so that I would consider leaving my home and family to serve him. Please pray for me that I will hear and see clearly God’s call and that I will not hesitate to respond. There’s a song by ‘Sidewalk Prophets’ that has these words which have become my prayer: ” If there’s a road I should walk, help me find it. If I need to be still give me peace for the moment. whatever your will, whatever your will, can you help me find it?