Community Groups 2/16/14


Pastor Greg preached this morning out of John 4 in his series God Came Near a message that he titled “Satisfaction for the Spiritually Thirsty.” When we read of celebrities overdosing on drugs or alcohol; confessing to be sexual addicts and moving from one relationship to another, we as believers know that this issue is not merely physical imbalances but a spiritual need – their body is searching for what their soul is missing – a satisfying relationship with their creator. In John 4 Jesus confronted this heart issue head on with the woman at the well.

Group Discussion Questions:

1. Jesus broke the racial and religious segregation that existed heavily between Samaritans and Jews when he interacted with this Samaritan women. Jesus was well aware of these barriers that existed and he pursued the conversation anyway. We have come a long way in America since the Civil Rights movement of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s; however, we also experience tension still on who or what type of people we choose to share Christ with. Are there people groups that you find difficult to share the gospel with? Are there certain individuals that you have difficulty relating to or having sympathy towards? If so, Why do you think this is? How can you break this subtle hindrance in your witness?

2. Notice Jesus didn’t use a miracle or supernatural sign to win this woman over. Jesus used a common moment to share a very uncommon message. She was drawing water from a well and he used that to point to her need for satisfaction and that he was the source of ‘Living Water.” When we share with people we try and use funny or persuading tactics to reveal a simple truth – that they need Jesus. What do we learn from Jesus’ tact with this conversation? In what ways do Jesus look into her life to expose her hearts emptiness?

3. Water is without question the most precious resource we have on earth. We use and need it for everything. In the Bible water symbolizes a purifying agent that washes away iniquity. Here in this story, Jesus uses a common element (water) to paint a picture of a deep spiritual truth – that all of life cannot exist without Him. And unlike physical water, which can dry up in seasons of drought, the water He supplies is an unending stream that is never quenched or polluted. Even as believers we experience spiritual droughts in our life – the question we need to ask is, “have I been drinking from the source of Living Water?” Have you experienced spiritual drought? What do these words of Jesus say to you about your spiritual thirst and the availability you have in Jesus?

4. Verse 38 of John chapter 4 Jesus tells the disciples that they are to go into fields of people to harvest those that they haven’t even worked for. Here is the Biblical reality – When we share the gospel with someone, the result is not in our control and their salvation is not based up on our persuasion but God’s Word coming alive in their hearts. This doesn’t minimize our involvement in evangelism and mission, it actually gives us confidence as we preach that God is going to do what he has been doing since the beginning of Acts – Adding to the church daily those who were being saved. In what ways does this give you confidence in your evangelism? in evangelism what is your only and main responsibility? How does someone acquire faith to believe[Rom 10:17]?

Prayer Requests:

Group Prayer: Take some time to go around your group and take prayer requests based upon any needs in your personal lives.

Intercessory Prayer: If there were things in the message or discussed in group time that were convicting, motivating or challenging, pray for those things and ask that God would help you to work them out in your lives.

Missionnal Prayer: Pray that God gives you the wisdom, discernment and tact that Jesus displayed in John 4 with the people you come in contact with as you seek to communicate the truth of scripture to them.

**The following questions are used by Harvest Community Groups to facilitate discussion time in a small-group setting and to dig deeper into God’s Word. We encourage you to use them in your home or small group – or better yet, join one of our Community Groups! Information can be found at**