Called to Serve Others

Pastor Greg started a two-part series on the book of Esther titled “For a Such a Time as This.” He said, “We all have gifts. Find the gift that God has given you and use it.” He also referenced 1Timothy 4:14, saying, “Do not neglect your gift.” That describes the ushers of Harvest Riverside. They have not neglected their gift.

Before every church service, the ushers meet in a room to pray, review logistics, discuss any changes in the service, and fellowship with each other.

One of the newest ushers is Jose Lopez, who has been serving for just five weeks. “I wanted to help out in the evening service,” he said, “but I was needed at the second service. So, I do both.” Why did he get involved? “For the joy of doing it,” he said. “It is fun meeting people with a smile, and getting a smile in return.”

On the Riverside campus alone, there are 125 ushers to cover the three Sunday morning services.

“It’s a great experience,” said Jeff Posey, who has been ushering for two years. “You see the church body in a different way. We serve the congregation’s special needs in seating and assist with the worship experience.” Jeff says, “Each section has different needs. The disabled need special help, as do our seniors, and children. We’re called to serve, and it is a joy to do it.”

The Usher and Greeter Ministry is coordinated by David Rivera. He’s an employee of the church, but volunteers as the coordinator for the ministry. He said, “Our role is to serve with a smile and with grace, and be willing to meet the needs of the congregation including seating, assistance with children, and prayer needs.”

Each usher has an assigned section of the church, “which helps build relationships,” Rivera said. “This includes the greeters, and ushers in the Court, Patio, and the main Sanctuary.

“We pray before each service as a group to get our hearts right and get wisdom,” he said. “We need to know the bulletins to assist with questions and to know the happenings of the church through the week. Our ushers are also trained to know the emergency procedures of the church.”

Jose Betanco serves as the head usher for Sunday morning’s second service and the Wednesday night service. “Our ushers love to serve others,” Jose said. “In serving others we are serving the Lord. We minister in so many ways—personal, physical, and spiritual. The title doesn’t matter. We’re serving.”