Community Groups 8/18/13

Community Groups Discussion Questions based on the previous Sunday morning message.

Group Questions

1.) The Problem: Jeremiah indicts the people of Israel for exchanging God for
pathetic idols. In his metaphor, the people exchanged the fountain of our Lord for
the broken cisterns. What are some of the lies we so easily believe when it comes
to the hidden idols of our hearts that we forsake the Lord for?

2.) The Passion: What are some common everyday weaknesses that you face?
Like Jeremiah, how can you encounter God regularly through the gospel as a
means to stay fixed on the task of making disciples?

3.)The Pursuit: Guest Preacher, Pastor Steve, stated “People in our world cannot
afford for believers to clock out when it comes to sharing with them Jesus.” If
Christ has promised us life eternal and treasure that cannot be stolen, than what
are things so precious to us NOW that aren’t worth giving up in our pursuit to
share the gospel and invite people out to the Crusade.

4.) In your experience, what are some helpful ways to start a conversation with
someone about the gospel that you could share with others?

Group Prayer.


Pray about times when you found excuses to not obey the Holy Spirit’s
prompting to share with someone the good news and repent.


Remember Christ’s salvation for you! Consider your passion and zeal in the
moment you first believed. Thank the Lord that we may encounter him
everyday through our High Priest, Christ Jesus!


Ask the Lord to empower you with the Holy Spirit so that you can reach a few
people this week. Ask the Lord to help you with your words and speech
especially if you feel intimidated by those whom you share with.

**The following questions are used by Harvest Community Groups to facilitate discussion time in a small-group setting and to dig deeper into God’s Word. We encourage you to use them in your home or small group – or better yet, join one of our Community Groups! Information can be found at**