January Love Projects

Start the New Year off right, by serving others!

Sanctity of Life Opportunities

Things to do to focus on pro-life causes:

  • Pray for the unborn, the pregnant moms, medical professionals, and politicians
  • Donate money, filling baby bottles that are available at the Connect Tables
  • Donate diapers, baby clothes, used furniture, etc. Proceeds go to Heartline, Riverside Life Services, Obria, and Life Centers of Orange County.
  • Bring your family to the Pro-Life Pancake Breakfast after first and second services on the church campus, Sunday, January 29. All proceeds go to support life-affirming organizations
  • Bring your family to the special Sunday Night Prayer Service in Riverside on January 29

Harvest America Needs You!

As Harvest America approaches on June 11, 2017 we need people to call, e-mail, and encourage churches across our country to host Harvest America at their church.

Would you, your V2 Learning Group, or other ministry consider adopting a state to encourage churches to host Harvest America? You can even pick the state you work on!

This commitment would require an hour or so a week, much of it e-mails; and we will provide all the details and information needed.

For more information, go to the Connect Table after service.