Missing the Point

A thought about the reason for the season so you don’t miss Christmas.

I’m thinking about a significant event that happened in North Carolina around 100 years ago. It was those crazy Wright brothers and that contraption called the “Flying Machine.”

They took it down to Kitty Hawk, which is at the beach in North Carolina and actually got it in the air. So one of the Wright brothers wrote his sister Catherine this message, “We actually flew 120 feet. We’ll be home for Christmas.” So she took that information down to the editor at the local newspaper and the headline was “Wright brothers will be home for Christmas.”

Talk about missing the point. Man had just flown! And they didn’t catch it.

That’s what happened at the first Christmas. God had become a man. The Creator of the universe came and walked on the earth among us and for the most part everybody missed it. And you know it’s that way with Christmas as well today. There’s all the busyness, and there are the parties, and there’s this event, and that other event and we can be so caught up in the busyness of the season that we miss the point and forget the significance of Christmas.

Because a decree was given by Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed, Mary and Joseph made the very difficult journey for a woman so far along in her pregnancy to Bethlehem. And they were looking for a place to stay. They were very poor. They had no money. There was no room anywhere. They finally found an inn and asked the man if he could find a place for them. He basically said, “Sorry, but you know there’s room in the barn.” We call it the manger, but effectively it was the barn. And to be technical it probably was a cave.

He could clearly see that Mary was almost ready to give birth at any time. He could have taken her into his own home; he could have made room in the inn, but instead he sent Mary and Joseph to a stable. And that’s where the Son of God was born.

But here’s the wonderful thing about Christmas: apart from all of the trappings and all of the busyness the essential message is, “God came to us.”

So, here is what I would say to you, as Christmas approaches: Don’t get sidetracked. Don’t miss the point. Remember why we even celebrate this event to begin with–because God came to walk among us as a Man.

C.S. Lewis said it this way, “The Son of God became a man, so men might become sons of God.”