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  • Sunday Morning
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    Sunday Morning
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    How can we align our perspective and lifestyle with the truth of Scripture? Learn how to keep a biblical worldview.
    9 broadcasts
    Greg Laurie and Jason Powell bring you down-to-earth, practical guidance on how to share the gospel effectively with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and even complete strangers.
    7 broadcasts
    Are you changing the world, or is the world changing you? This series based on Hebrews 11 examines the lives of great men and women of faith who served God and altered the course of history. Through their stories, Pastor Greg shares how we can become change agents within our spheres of influence.
    25 broadcasts
    This series based on the Lord’s Prayer recorded in Matthew 6 outlines how we should (and should not) pray, and how to align our will with God’s.
    3 broadcasts
    This series on Ephesians 5 focusing on marriage and family equips husbands, wives, parents, and single people to be all that God has called them to be in their relationships.
    6 broadcasts
    Gain a better understanding of the times we are living in, what the future holds, and how we should live as a result, through this chapter-by-chapter series through Revelation.
    24 broadcasts
    Find out what it means to be “more than conquerors” through Christ in the unseen spiritual battle we are in.
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    Want to grow spiritually? There are certain disciplines that every Christian needs in order to experience spiritual growth. Do you know what they are? Pastor Greg explains in this new four-part series.
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    Studies in the book of Ephesians
    16 broadcasts
    A chronological look at the life of Jesus Christ through the four Gospels
    56 broadcasts
    Suffering of one kind or another finds its way into every life, so it's a good idea to develop a biblical attitude toward suffering before it comes so you'll know how to react when it does come.
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    Each of us has been given gifts and talents to be used for God's glory. In this series, Pastor Greg Laurie encourages us to put them to use "for such a time as this."
    2 broadcasts
    Based on the Book of Jonah, Pastor Greg teaches on topics such as obedience, attitude, evangelism, mercy, and knowing God's will.
    4 broadcasts
    Biblical teachings that will help you have a lasting and fulfilling marriage.
    6 broadcasts
    Explore the true-life tales of men and women whose encounters with God made it into the pages of Scripture and are among The Greatest Stories Ever Told.
    34 broadcasts
    The Book of Revelation promises a special blessing for those who read, hear, and keep the words they find therein. Join Pastor Greg as he studies the prophecies of Revelation, and take a glimpse into "The Next Dimension."
    29 broadcasts
    Biblical messages of hope for those who have lost loved ones or are facing adversity in life.
    10 broadcasts