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Monday, October 30
Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy
Do you have growing faith? "Great faith is not limited by circumstances but by unbelief," says . . .
Monday, October 23
The Ups and Downs and Ups of a World Changer
Pastor Greg shares on the rise and fall from the life of King David to warn us that forgiveness is . . .
Monday, October 9
How to Face Overwhelming Obstacles
What do you do when God's will doesn't make sense and your back is against the wall? Is there any . . .
Monday, October 2
A New Beginning for a World Changer
Do you need a fresh start or a new beginning? Only by the shed blood of Christ, His death, and . . .
Monday, September 25
The Danger of the Compromised Life
How can we bring others to Jesus? By not giving place to the Devil. God can do amazing things in the . . .
Monday, September 18
Dead Man Walking
In Bible times, leprosy was a dreaded disease with no cure. Pastor Greg shares many ways that sin is . . .
Monday, September 11
The Death of a Conscience
How does a conscience die? "A little bit at a time," says Pastor Greg. Believers are encouraged to . . .
Monday, September 4
Fallen, but Forgiven
"God has put a wall of protection around every believer and will not allow us to be tempted beyond . . .
Monday, August 28
The Power of Persistent Faith
Faith is confident assurance that what we don't see will come to pass. God's power moves into action . . .
Monday, August 21
Close the Deal
At some point when sharing our faith, we have to take a risk and "pop the question." Pastor Greg . . .
Monday, August 14
The Choice Is Yours
The choices we make today affect our lives tomorrow, and even into eternity. How then can we make . . .
Monday, August 7
Jesus Answers Your Questions
Everyone has questions about life. Pastor Greg explains that Jesus has answered those questions.