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Sunday, December 9
4 Words That Can Change Your Marriage
A strong and happy marriage Is the result of obedience to God and His Word. Pastor Greg Laurie . . .
Sunday, December 2
Marriage 101
Is a happy marriage possible in our culture today? Pastor Greg helps us to understand how to be the . . .
Sunday, November 25
Dream On!
How can we live a godly life in an ungodly place? Pastor Greg encourages believers how our faith . . .
Sunday, November 18
What in the World Is Going On?
The signs of the end times are here. Pastor Greg shares on the relevance of God’s Word that we can . . .
Sunday, November 11
Close the Deal
At some point when sharing our faith, we have to take a risk and "pop the question." Pastor Greg . . .
Sunday, November 4
What Is the Gospel?
We are call to go out into the world and share the gospel. Pastor Greg explains what the gospel . . .
Sunday, October 28
How to Share the Gospel
The Gospel has the power to change lives. Pastor Greg shares how to share it effectively.
Sunday, October 21
Power of Your Personal Story
Did you know your story has power? Pastor Greg shares how to use your story to share the gospel with . . .
Sunday, October 14
When and Where to Share the Gospel
Pastor Greg says we need to take the gospel to whosoever, whenever and wherever we can. Jesus said, . . .
Sunday, October 7
Why Share the Gospel?
It can be hard to share with others. Pastor Greg shares why it's important for us to share the . . .
Sunday, September 30
2018 SoCal Harvest Recap
Many lives were changed by the gospel at this year's SoCal Harvest Crusade.
Sunday, September 23
Forgiven and Free
Pastor Greg shares a message from the 2018 SoCal Harvest titled "Forgiven and Free."