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Monday, September 25
The Danger of the Compromised Life
How can we bring others to Jesus? By not giving place to the Devil. God can do amazing things in the . . .
Monday, September 18
Dead Man Walking
In Bible times, leprosy was a dreaded disease with no cure. Pastor Greg shares many ways that sin is . . .
Monday, September 11
The Death of a Conscience
How does a conscience die? "A little bit at a time," says Pastor Greg. Believers are encouraged to . . .
Monday, September 4
Fallen, but Forgiven
"God has put a wall of protection around every believer and will not allow us to be tempted beyond . . .
Monday, August 28
The Power of Persistent Faith
Faith is confident assurance that what we don't see will come to pass. God's power moves into action . . .
Monday, August 21
Close the Deal
At some point when sharing our faith, we have to take a risk and "pop the question." Pastor Greg . . .
Monday, August 14
The Choice Is Yours
The choices we make today affect our lives tomorrow, and even into eternity. How then can we make . . .
Monday, August 7
Jesus Answers Your Questions
Everyone has questions about life. Pastor Greg explains that Jesus has answered those questions.
Monday, July 31
Jesus Loves You
Pastor Greg explains Jesus loves you is a powerful truth that should be believed and not dismissed . . .
Monday, July 24
What Is the Gospel?
We are call to go out into the world and share the gospel. Pastor Greg explains what the gospel . . .
Monday, July 17
How to Share the Gospel
The Gospel has the power to change lives. Pastor Greg shares how to share it effectively.
Monday, July 10
Power of Your Personal Story
Did you know your story has power? Pastor Greg shares how to use your story to share the gospel with . . .