A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

Here Am I. . .Send Him – I

Thursday, September 6, 2018
Series: Jonah Go!
Scripture: Jonah 1

Jonah and the. . .what? Whale! Right. But the story of Jonah is about more than a big fish. Pastor Greg Laurie points out it's a story of rebellion, obedience, and God's blessing. Listen online to hear more.

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Jonah Go!
Tuesday, September 11

The Hard-to-Swallow Truth About Obedience – II

If you're not walking as close to the Lord as you should be, can God still use you to reach others with the Gospel? Pastor Greg Laurie answers that question with a look at the prodigal prophet God used to bring an entire city to repentance.
Jonah Go!
Wednesday, September 12

The Message We Must Proclaim – I

Ever forget to relay a phone message, and you felt bad you'd let someone down? Pastor Greg Laurie says God has given us a message to relay - and forgetting THIS message is a matter of life and death. Listen here for important insights on sharing the Gospel.
Jonah Go!
Thursday, September 13

The Message We Must Proclaim – II

No matter how much you know about sharing the Gospel, Pastor Greg Laurie says none of that matters if you don't care about lost people! We'll learn to develop a heart for lost souls, and how to act appropriately on that compassion.
Jonah Go!
Friday, September 14

Revival in Our Time? – I

Pastor Greg Laurie points out that the time is right for another great revival, like the four that swept our country in the past. Listen online for important insights on your part in the story!
God Came Near
Saturday, September 15

America, This is Your Wake-Up Call! – III

How can we bring a godly influence to the godlessness around us in our culture? That's an important question. And Pastor Greg Laurie addresses it right here. He points out how the time is right for another Great Awakening. Listen online for encouragement.
Jonah Go!
Monday, September 17

Revival in Our Time? – II

Pastor Greg Laurie says it's time for a revival to sweep across our land. Find out how revival starts with individual believers getting involved. Listen here and discover your part.
Topical Messages
Tuesday, September 18

America, This is Your Wake-Up Call! – I

Is there a biblical prescription for a country in need of revival? Pastor Greg Laurie says, yes, there is! He speaks to a group of pastors about the role of believers in ushering in spiritual renewal to our land.
Topical Messages
Wednesday, September 19

America, This is Your Wake-Up Call! – II

Pastor Greg Laurie says the only hope for real change in our country is a spiritual awakening. And the Bible maps out how such an awakening can begin. Pastor Greg walks us through that divine plan here. See how you can do your part to let the change begin.
Topical Messages
Thursday, September 20

Our Part in the Next Great Awakening – I

The Great Awakening was a spiritual revival of the 18th century where thousands came to Christ. Pastor Greg Laurie says our culture is primed for another great awakening. He explains why, and how we play a part. Insights from his new book on the subject.
Topical Messages
Friday, September 21

Our Part in the Next Great Awakening – II

Pastor Greg Laurie believes there have been several great awakenings in our nation's history - the most recent being the Jesus Movement of the 60s and 70s. It was a time he knows well . . . he was a part of it! Pastor Greg explains how the time is right for another great awakening.

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