A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

God's Plan for the Family – I

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Series: Best of 2017
Scripture: Ephesians 6

Pastor Greg Laurie says one of the most effective ways that parents can teach a child to follow the Lord is to follow the Lord themselves. Pastor Greg helps moms and dads put their faith to work in the home. Tune in for practical insight from his Christian family series.

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Best of 2017
Thursday, January 11

God's Plan for the Family – II

Parents of prodigal children can often feel like failures. But Pastor Greg Laurie reminds us God had prodigal children of His own, and He's the perfect parent! So what can parents of prodigals do? Find out as Pastor Greg offers hope.
Best of 2017
Friday, January 12

Why Does God Allow Temptation in the Life of the Believer? – I

If our spiritual enemy is harassing you and tempting you, Pastor Greg Laurie says that may be a sign your spiritual life is on the right track! You heard that right! Pastor Greg points out that growing Christians are a threat to Satan's kingdom, and he has us in his sights. Learn more here.
Best of 2017
Saturday, January 13

How to and How Not to Pray – II

The Lord is ready to help us with any trial. He's just waiting for us to ask. Pastor Greg Laurie points out how prayer instantly connects us with the help of heaven. . .but explains how we often neglect to plug in to our Divine resource.
Best of 2017
Monday, January 15

Why Does God Allow Temptation in the Life of the Believer? – II

Why do we fall into temptation? Pastor Greg Laurie says, many times, we don't fall . . . we jump! Pastor Greg points out how we often set ourselves up for a fall by being in the wrong place with the wrong crowd. Listen here for help with temptation.
Best of 2017
Tuesday, January 16

Why Does God Allow Temptation in the Life of the Believer? – III

How can we stand against the power and deceit of our spiritual adversary? Pastor Greg Laurie says we stand on the authority of God's Word. Pastor Greg points out even Jesus faced temptation from the Devil by quoting Scripture. Get help for your temptations.
Best of 2017
Wednesday, January 17

Hope for Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones – I

Listen here for one of the most personal messages Pastor Greg Laurie has ever delivered. It's a message of hope for those who've lost loved ones. He speaks of the pain he and his family faced with the loss of his son. It's important perspective for all of us, no matter what kind of pain we feel.
Best of 2017
Thursday, January 18

Hope for Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones – II

Few of us have problem-free lives. Are you facing some tough challenges right now? Pastor Greg Laurie helps us find the hope that comes from following God wholeheartedly. It's great reassurance for the storms of life.
Best of 2017
Friday, January 19

Hope for Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones – III

Sometimes it seems we face more than we can handle. Have you ever had a "why me, why now" moment? Pastor Greg Laurie talks about the hard roads of life and how putting our faith in God can give us hope in hopeless situations.

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