Lost Boy: The Next Chapter [DVD]

There are a lot of spiritual memoirs out there, but you've never seen one like this. Like many in the 1960s, Greg Laurie was on a search for the meaning of life. Born out of wedlock to an alcoholic mother who married seven times, Greg's life was suddenly changed when he encountered a group of young Christians on his high school campus in Newport Beach, California.

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Greg has since authored more than thirty-five books, started what became one of the first mega-churches in the United States (Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California) as well as a far-reaching ministry (Harvest Crusades) that today touches many who are searching for meaning, just as he once was.

Lost Boy has won eight international film festival awards for Best Documentary. Some notable reviews: Franklin Graham, “Lost Boy will touch your heart in a profound way.” Max Lucado, “I love Greg Laurie’s story so much. His own personal story is a stunning reminder of why our Savior came.”

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