Married. Happily.

The Best Investment Ever...

People scour the Web for endless hours to find good investment advice, or read consumer magazines by the dozens before buying a car. But next to your relationship with God, there is no greater investment on earth than in a happy and successful marriage. Finding God’s counsel, warnings, and wisdom on marriage and the home is better than pure gold – and will pay generous dividends for generations on earth and on into eternity.

In eleven insight-rich chapters, Pastor Greg Laurie opens God’s Word to show husbands and wives how to find oneness and harmony in their lives together – and how to avoid the common snares and perils along the way.

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Author Greg Laurie
Format Paperback
Publisher Kerygma Publishing
Dimensions 8.1 x 5.1 x 0.6 inches
Page Count 192
ISBN 10 0983400423
ISBN 13 978-0983400424
Release Date Jun 15, 2011