Ben-Hur Study Kit

A three in one package that includes: Ben-Hur Study Guide, Ben-Hur movie DVD, and A Bible Study From Greg Laurie

Ben-Hur Study Guide:

Join pastor and author Greg Laurie as he guides you into an encounter with Jesus in order to find a deeper faith and sense of fulfillment. This five-session Bible study is based on the characters and themes found in the 2016 blockbuster film Ben-Hur. Perfect for individuals, small groups or Sunday school classes.
The Bible Study Guide features lessons, exercises, Scripture passages, life application, leader helps, and more.

A Bible Study From Greg Laurie:

Based on the feature film Ben-Hur, five video bible study that coincides with the Ben-Hur Study Guide. Follow along as pastor Greg takes you through each weeks' lessons with stunning shots from Israel. Get a vivid depiction of the Ben-Hur's interaction with Jesus and amazing insight from pastor Greg. The bonus feature will take you through the study guide and give you an enhanced experience of the Ben-Hur story.

Ben-Hur Movie DVD:

This lengthy Oscar-winning film centers around Ben-Hur, a wealthy young aristocrat from Palestine who has supported the Romans who govern his country. After an accident, a former friend wrongfully accuses him of disloyalty and the authorities send him to a prison galley and confiscate his property. Ben-Hur eventually wins his freedom and prevails against his enemies in an exciting public chariot race. He returns to Palestine intent upon revenge, but after attending the Crucifixion of Christ he undergoes a powerful personal transformation instead.

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A Bible Study From Greg Laurie