Ben Born Again Shirt - Toddler/Youth Navy & White

"Ben Born Again" and "Irlo" the dog were characters drawn up by Greg Laurie in the '70s, and appeared in cartoon strips, publications and other printed materials.

Now for the first time, this hand drawn artwork by Greg appears on a boutique quality garment with soft touch water based ink.

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Sometimes small things can make a big difference.

For more than 25 years, people have been wearing Harvest Apparel, and for that, we are very thankful.

But it’s more than just a shirt.

It’s about the difference that the gospel makes in people’s lives.

Harvest Apparel is about impact. It’s about awareness. It’s about expression.

• Impact
Every Harvest Apparel shirt makes an impact in the real world. On average, each shirt purchased helps pay for five Bibles given to new believers. That is a life-changing gift. Over the last 25 years, nearly 500,000 Bibles have been put into the hands of people seeking to follow Christ.

• Awareness
Your support of Harvest Apparel has helped raise awareness about the Harvest Crusades and Harvest America, events that share hope and change lives through the gospel. Since 1990, more than 5 million people have heard the Good News at these events.

• Expression
Harvest Apparel serves as an expression of your faith in Christ. From the message that shares the truth, to the contemporary designs, to the boutique-quality garments, to the high-quality ink and screen print process, every production detail is labored over to reflect God’s glory in all of creation.

So we’d like to say thank you for making a big difference in small way. Your partnership helps us toward our goal of knowing God and making Him known.