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Results of Salvation

In an age when many Christians seem preoccupied with their emotional struggles, their difficult past, or their supposed lack of self-esteem, some will say that even salvation is not enough for all their needs. Yet, if these people really understood the incredible things that God has done for them . . . Read more ›
The only real way for us, as humans, to know if someone has truly become a Christian is to observe that person’s life on the outside. Since we cannot see the interior of the human heart as God does, we have to look for some result or indicator of their faith. “Show me your faith without . . . Read more ›
The Book of 1 John identifies what could be called birthmarks of someone who is truly saved or born again. Do you confess Jesus as Lord? “If anyone confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in Him and He in God” (1John 4:15). Do you obey Christ’s commands? “For this . . . Read more ›
God put us on this earth for two primary reasons: to know, walk with, and glorify God, and to bring forth fruit. The second is really an outgrowth of the first. We are put here to know, to walk with, and to glorify God. We were saved in order “that we who were the first to hope in Christ might . . . Read more ›
Winning others to Jesus Christ and helping them to grow spiritually is fruit. Sometimes God gives us the privilege of personally leading someone to Christ, while at other times He simply allows us to “sow a seed.” It is and always will be God who gives the increase—but we certainly have . . . Read more ›