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  • When a Christian Dies

    The moment you take your last breath on earth, you will take your first breath in Heaven.

  • A Literal Paradise

    We see God's glory on display in His creation, even in a fallen state.

  • A Longing for Heaven

    When Jesus Christ is at the forefront of your life, you can live a life that is rich and full.

  • Designed and Built by God

    Whatever city you have visited or lived in, even if it was amazing, heaven will be far better.

  • See You in the Morning

    For the Christian, life on earth is as bad as it gets. Better things are coming.

  • It's Never Good-Bye

    We will see our loved ones again because, as Christians, we never say good-bye.

  • The Pull of Heaven

    We are uniquely made in the image of God with a soul and a desire to know God.

  • A Heavenly Perspective

    Heaven isn't just a state of mind; it's a real place.

  • Destined to Die

    Jesus was that final sacrifice to bridge the gap.

  • Let Him Choose

    We must never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

  • Just Be There

    When a person is suffering, one of the best things we can do is to be there with them.

  • He Knows

    When you feel misunderstood or abandoned, you can know that Jesus has been through it.

  • Do What You Can

    Are you doing what you can today? It may not be a lot, but do what you can.

  • Worship and Work

    True worship will produce work, but work should never take the place of worship.

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