Devotion Archives

  • More Than a Passing Glimpse

    Do you "desire to see Jesus"?

  • God on Our Terms

    Some people want God in their lives on their terms. On what terms do you want Him?

  • A Conquering Victor

    Jesus knew there was no other way we could be forgiven!

  • Christ's Representatives to the World

    If you follow Jesus and His teachings, you can expect opposition and even hatred!

  • How's Your Appetite?

    What kind of appetite do you have because of your local church?

  • Go Tell Peter

    Do you need His restoration today?

  • A Permanent Reminder

    What does the resurrected body of Jesus look like?

  • A Second Chance

    If you have doubts or fears today, Jesus wants to restore your faith. Will you allow Him to do this?

  • Jesus and the Skeptic

    God can take a skeptic and turn them into a believer. Are you a skeptic or believer?

  • Hope for the Hopeless

    Have you ever felt God failed you? Allow Him to clear up your misunderstanding!

  • Easter Is for Everyone

    Can you declare that Jesus is alive in you? Easter is for everyone!

  • Finished!

    Jesus completed the finished work He came to do. Have you personally accepted this work?

  • The Power of Christ's Words

    There is life-changing power in the seven statements from the cross!

  • Surrender at Gethsemane

    Are you willing to submit your will to His? His will is always the best.

  • The Lord's Supper

    The Communion table represents something very holy. Do you approach it with respect?

  • Easter Brings Hope

    Easter brings hope. Do you need hope in your life?

  • What Breaks God's Heart

    Unbelief and rejection of Christ breaks God's heart because He knows the consequences.

  • A New Relationship

    Do you know God as your Father?

  • Wholehearted Devotion

    Have you thought about why Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene after His Resurrection?

  • The God Who Suffers

    Jesus was a "man of suffering." If you are suffering, you are not alone—call out to Him!

  • Certain of His Death

    Do you hang your belief on the death and Resurrection of Christ or on some flimsy theory?

  • Bad Company

    Are you in any relationship that is dragging you down? Is bad company corrupting you?

  • Loving the Dark

    Why do some reject Jesus? It is because He interferes with the way they want to live.

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