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Devotion Archives

  • A Passion for the Lost

    Don't become so obsessed with our own struggles and spiritual growth that we forget . . .

  • Taking the Gospel to the World

    Any effective sharing of the gospel must always begin with a God-given burden. We have to care.

  • The Purpose of a Testimony

    A good, strong testimony will lift up what Christ has accomplished.

  • True Conversion

    We must get to the heart of the matter and have Jesus Christ take residence in our lives...

  • Get to Work

    Let's be busy about the work that God has set before us!

  • A Man of Sorrows

    God cares about our sorrow. And if it concerns you, it concerns Him.

  • Living on Promises, Not Explanations

    God was going to do abundantly above and beyond that which she could ask or think.

  • "God, Where Were You?"

    Be honest with God.

  • Go and Tell Jesus

    Bring your troubles to Jesus.

  • Then Why?

    Even though we cannot see how the situation will end . . . it is controlled by [God].

  • Was Jesus God?

    Jesus did not become identical to us, but He did become identified with us.

  • Missing the Point

    No matter how long we have known the Lord, we still may need to be revived again.

  • When We Need Revival

    If you want to experience revival in your life, then hang out with a brand-new believer.

  • Where Revival Begins

    Revival starts with you and me.

  • A Revival in Nineveh

    Like Jonah, God can use you and me to being about revival in our nation.

  • Coming Back to Life

    America needs an awakening, but the church needs a revival.

  • Snakebit

    God provided the antidote through the atonement of Jesus on the cross.

  • Trusting God? Or Testing God?

    We don't have to live in fear, because our times are in His hands.

  • The Five Steps of Temptation

    Opportunity knocks once, but temptation beats on the door every day.

  • In Search of the Spiritually Hungry

    God wants us to grow, but we must want to grow as well.

  • Questioning God

    God never rebukes anyone who comes to Him with sincere questions or honest doubts.

  • The Death of Progress

    Are you satisfied with where you are spiritually?

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