Devotion Archives

  • Power in Unity

    When we pray together, we lock shields together in our spiritual battles.

  • The Importance of Right Motives

    God wants us to follow with the right motives!

  • No Threat to the Enemy

    Our Commander in Chief will ultimately lead those close to Him to victory!

  • It's Time to Toughen Up

    You are going to face opposition. Choose to recognize it and brace yourself for it.

  • Drafted into His Service

    God is looking for men and women who will step onto the spiritual battlefield!

  • Make a Choice

    There is a battle going on - which side is winning in you?

  • Rotting from Within

    The only answer for the ills of this country is a Heaven-sent spiritual awakening.

  • No Exceptions

    Some people say Christianity didn't work for them. But is that true?

  • Warning Signals

    Have you been experiencing God's discipline lately? That's a good thing.

  • Hope for Prodigals

    Prodigals always will return home, because they are children of God who have gone astray.

  • Dangerous Assumptions

    We may think a little sin, a little compromise, isn't a big deal. But it is.

  • Will He Still Forgive Us?

    We might think we've passed the point of no return with God. But have we?

  • Before Judgment Falls

    A Tribulation period is coming. But the Bible makes this promise to the last days church.

  • Eagerly Waiting

    Looking for Christ's return means living your life in anticipation of it. Does that describe you?

  • The Great Reconciler

    When we get to Heaven, we'll see what kind of impact our lives have had.

  • Caught Up

    There's a difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming. Do you know what it is?

  • Coming Back to Life

    Only God can send an awakening to America. But revival can happen right here, right now.

  • Signs of the Last Days

    These things will be unmistakable signs of the last days.

  • The Joy of Serving

    It's a great privilege to be used by God. Are you serving Him?

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