Devotion Archives

  • How to Be Happy

    If we seek holiness, we will find happiness.

  • Forgiven People Should Be Forgiving People

    Forgiveness is great in theory, but it is much harder in practice.

  • One Reason God Allows Suffering

    Is God allowing hardship in your life to get your attention?

  • The Serious Business of Heaven

    We were the goal Jesus went after and laid it all down for!

  • See You in the Morning

    For the Christian, life on earth is as bad as it gets. Better things are coming.

  • The H Word!

    The big issue is eternity. We must not be afraid to tell people the truth.

  • A Vision of Heaven

    In heaven, there will be no fear. There will be no suffering or death. All of the pain and disabilities that we face in this life will be gone.

  • Keep Your Distance

    When you play around with sin, sin plays around with you.

  • In His Time

    Feeling impatient with God? His schedule is different from yours.

  • God's Long-Term Goal

    When the bottom drops out of life, here's what we need to remember.

  • The Power of Integrity

    Does the power of your testimony cause some people in your sphere of influence to notice?

  • An Opportunity for Growth

    What you're going through may hurt now, but here's one reason to rejoice.

  • Family Ties

    Who are the hardest people to reach with the gospel? The answer may surprise you.

  • Learning the Material

    There are two reasons trials and troubles come into a Christian's life.

  • The Key to Contentment

    The path to contentment begins with this step.

  • Just Enough

    Would it actually be good if God said yes to every prayer?

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