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The Choice You Must Make

He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.
At one of the Harvest Crusades a few years ago, a Christian woman brought her unbelieving husband to the event. Throughout the evening, she was praying that he would come to Christ. At the end, when the invitation was being given, he said, "Come on. I want to go. Let's get out now before all the people leave."
She was heartbroken. As hundreds of people walked down to the field, they were going up the stairs to leave the stadium. On their way out, she saw one of the resource tables and said, "Honey, I want to get a Harvest T-shirt. Let me get this—quick."
As she made her way to the table, her husband walked over to an opening where he could see down to the field. He was struggling with indecision. As he watched, he happened to look up at one of the large video screens and, to his shock, saw his own face. The camera operator caught him standing there in his moment of indecision. Something triggered inside, and he thought, I have to do this. So he walked down to the field to give his life to Christ.
Meanwhile, his wife was wondering where her husband went. She happened to look up at the screen just in time to see him walking down the stairs, all the way to the field. So she walked down and joined her husband on the field as he made his commitment to Christ.
I wonder if God keeps records like that, capturing us in our moments of indecision. Every time you hear the gospel, you will be held accountable. And ultimately, you will have to make a decision.
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