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As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him
In spite of our breathtaking advances in science and technology, we have only seen the human condition get worse and worse. It seems like things get darker every day. And in these anxious and critical days in which we are living, people are wondering what this world is coming to.
Many, in desperation, will grasp at straws. We see evidence of this in our bookstores today. When someone comes up with a new belief system, others will quickly accept it. In fact, I am absolutely amazed at the things people will believe without ever looking at the claims of Christ or the teaching of Scripture. They will reject it wholesale, without giving it even a cursory glance. They will believe in just about anything but the right thing.
That is because there is a sense of desperation, a sense of uncertainty. We're searching for answers to questions like, "Why are we here?"; "What is the meaning of life?"; and "What is going to happen next?"
Some will put their faith in world leaders if they promise peace and tell us they will be able to resolve the conflicts in the world. Others will reach out to psychics, fortune-tellers, and astrology, trying to find some kind of meaning or the latest prediction by tabloid prophets.
Yet all the while, there is someone who knows exactly what the future holds. And He tells us all about it in His book, the Bible. The Bible is the one book that predicts the future with absolute accuracy. That comes down to the basic test of the true God, the true faith, the true prophets, and the true belief.
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