God’s Perfect Timing

Jodilynn grew up in a Christian home but did not really know the Lord. She started doing drugs at the young age of 13. She started with marijuana but soon moved on to stronger drugs. She was addicted to speed for 22 years. “I was a damaged person,” Jodilynn admits.

Jodilynn was in a bad place in her life until she moved to Corona. There she remembers meeting her neighbor, a woman that was always so happy, with a joyful spirit. “There was something different about her,” Jodilynn stated.

One day Jodilynn asked her why was she so happy all the time. Her neighbor told her about God’s love and invited her to church. Jodilynn accepted her invitation because she wanted the same joy her neighbor had. She decided to give her life to Christ and in time God took away her desire for drugs. She is now clean.

Although Jodilynn has had many trials after accepting the Lord, including losing her father from Parkinson’s  and losing her mother from cancer nine months later, Jodilynn knows that God is with her; “God loved me so much that He saved me before my parents died.” She admits that if she did not have God in her life, she would have committed suicide or overdosed. Jodilynn knows that the Lord saved her in His perfect timing.

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