Scharla and Michelle

Scharla and Michelle came to the 2016 SoCal Harvest together with a few others from a local sober living home in Orange County and found themselves on the field at the end of the night. Both of these women had been numbing the pain of past abuse with heavy drug usage.

Scharla grew up never going to church. She considered herself an atheist, but recognized later that she was more of an agnostic and didn’t give much thought as to whether or not there was a God. She became addicted to heroin and meth. She then heard a message that began her journey to sobriety. At the time of the crusade, she was happy to be 95 days sober.

Michelle was born and raised Catholic, but never understood, or cared, much about Jesus’ great love. She was addicted to meth for six years but at the time of the crusade was six months clean and met Scharla in the sober living home.

They became best friends, and know that it was God that drew them together. The Holy Spirit led them down to the field as Pastor Greg gave the invitation and they said their hearts have been changed forever—as well as their eternal destiny!

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