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It’s always amazing to hear so many stories about why people choose to step out on the field at a Harvest Crusade. Some stories are short, sweet, and to the point, while others are touching and brave. Here is a summary of three of those stories, given when asked, “Why did you come down on the field tonight?”

Jessie is from Whittier, California, and he decided to come on the field because as a teen he made some bad decisions and all he really wants to do is change his life around and live a good life, for the rest of his life! It’s amazing to see a teen boy standing on the field with thousands of people, ready to own up to his mistakes in front of God, and change for the better!

Andres Gallegos, is from La Habra, California, and his story is truly brave. He had a rough life, but a life that he choose to give himself. He went down the wrong path. Being a United States Marine gave him freedom, but eventually his freedom caught up to him and he was dishonorably discharged in 2006 for being caught with cocaine. Even years after he was discharged, he still decided to stay on the wrong path. Some years later, he decided to make a change, and his brother brought him to the SoCal Harvest. Andres was able ask for forgiveness and begin to live the life that he has always wanted to live.

Sar is 16 years old, from Victorville, California, and choose to come on the field because she wanted to publicly give herself to God. Although she had made a similar decision before, this time it was different. She was going down the wrong path and doing things that she shouldn’t be doing. When asked what in Pastor Greg’s message stood out to her, she honesty recounted, “Stop procrastinating, they’re just excuses, come down!” She changed her life, and with her two friends by her side, Sar was brave enough to tell her story!

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