Our Heavenly Father’s Love

The McGrady family (mother Vicki with her daughter, Nizoni, and her two sons, Sonny and Nakoi) came to the SoCal Harvest at the last minute (with their last $40) after hearing about it on the radio. They came to California from Phoenix a few months ago to “rescue” their daughter/sister, Francine, from a bad relationship that led her down a road of dangerous behavior and heroin addiction.

Vicki decided to bring her kids with her to California, leaving her husband, Lawrence, who had been battling brain cancer. When they first arrived in California, Vicki was forced to call the police on her daughter, Francine, when she threated to hurt herself and others. The police took Francine to a rehab, which is exactly where she needed to be. Unfortunately, they let Francine go after 23 hours; Vicki was just recently made aware of that and they haven’t been able to locate Francine for the past few days. Needless to say, the family is very concerned about Francine.

Sadly, three weeks ago, Lawrence lost his battle with brain cancer. Being in California, the family wasn’t able to say their last goodbyes, which is devastating for them all. They did, however, hear from a friend that he prayed to receive Jesus before he passed away–praise God!

Vicki rededicated her life to Christ tonight, while her children–Nizoni, Sonny, and Nakoi–came down to the field to gain assurance of their salvation.

Times may be tough for the family right now but it’s comforting to know they will see their earthly father, Lawrence, in heaven, get to spend eternity together, and have the assurance that their heavenly Father loves them beyond measure.

We pray for Francine, that what is lost will be found, both physically and spiritually, and that Jesus will deliver and restore her back to health (mentally and physically).

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