Beautiful, purple-haired Amber was diagnosed as bipolar/manic depressive when she was 19-years-old. Her mom, Shawna, remembers it like it was yesterday because it was the day after her 40th birthday (December 23, 2009). Amber approached her mom that night paralyzed in fear and paranoid that her family was out to kill her. Shawna knew something was wrong and they took her to the hospital the following morning, where she was admitted. It broke Shawna’s heart to have to leave her daughter strapped to a hospital bed. She’ll never forget hearing Amber cry out, "Mommy, don’t leave me!" as she walked away in tears.

On the drive home, God comforted Shawna in an amazing way, in the form of a white dove flying by. Amber was prescribed medication for her mental illness and released a few days later, after being stabilized.

Amber, clean and clear-headed (sober and taking her meds), is here tonight with her mom, Shawna, her dad, Bob, and her grandmother, Kathy. Amber understands that God loves her, so much so that He sent His own Son to die for her and prays that He will use her story to help others who struggle with mental disorders and/or addiction. She’s here, ready, willing, and open to how the Lord might use her and her story to encourage others.

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