The Gentle Giant

One can’t help but take a second look when walking past this 6′ 7″ man wearing an eye patch and dreads. A bit intimidating a first glance, Mike is a man with a big heart who loves to pray.

Mike gave his life to Christ in March of 2011 and has been serving at the Harvest Crusades ever since, not without trials. In 2012, out of the blue, he experienced a strange sensation when in his left eye, it looked as though a curtain was closing. It turned out to be a detached retina. After multiple surgeries throughout the year, it came down to wearing an eye-patch since. In October of the same year he was sitting in his office (which doubled as a prayer room for him), praying, when he experienced a filling of the Holy Spirit that he hadn’t experienced before. “I am able to see clearer than ever before now,” says Mike. And his passion for prayer has grown, which is why he’s here with his wife, Lisa, today, serving in the engine room (a.k.a, prayer room) where prayer warriors do battle on their knees throughout the night.

Last year, Mike served at the crusade on Friday night but a blister on his leg landed him in the hospital, which negated him from serving Saturday and Sunday. He was disappointed but realized later that God had other plans for him. Mike was in the hospital for five days (turns out he had MRSA) but in that time he shared the gospel and led three hospital employees in prayer to commit their lives to Jesus.

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