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Pastor Gilbert Nieblas of Moreno Valley, CA, attended SoCal Harvest last year. He was a God-fearing man that spent his life serving and winning souls for Jesus. His enthusiasm for his Savior was even captured by a local news photographer during theĀ event’s 20th anniversary. Later, he was told that he stood out in the crowd that night.

Three weeks ago, Gilbert left home one evening and never made it back home. The police came and informed his family that his body had been found. Since then, there have been no answers surrounding the circumstance of his unexpected death. But his family and friends pray for any souls that might be involved—that they would repent and turn to God.

Gilbert left behind his Mother, Mary Ellen Nieblas, and two sisters Lorraine and Monica Nieblas. His testimony and his legacy will continue to live on through the many lives he touched. His family, who are still grieving, are here today ready to worship.

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