Marisa was a drug addict, was in and out of jail, and lost custody of her son. One day, her parole officer gave her the choice to go back to jail or a women’s home and she chose the women’s home at New Wine Church. She struggled at first and admits she didn’t change right away. It took one month before she accepted the Lord and then her life began to change. Marisa was in a homosexual relationship which she ended when God showed her that she was living in sin. Then she met her future husband, David.

David was a gang member and a meth addict. Both his parents were drug addicts and he was raised by his grandmother. David heard about a men’s home at New Wine Church from his parole officer and he said God changed him as soon as he entered the home. He had tattooed his body with horns on his head and other markings that he has removed since he gave his life to the Lord, and like Marisa he has been freed from his addiction. They want people to know that "no matter what your past is, it won’t define your future. God knows you and He loves you."

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