God Pressing on His Heart

Romell Eutsey is here with his beautiful kids. He has four kids and one on the way. Married for 7 years, Romell knows firsthand the importance of family, because his parents divorced when he was young. Romell admits that the divorce tore his family apart.

After his parents divorced, he started to rebel and walk a path that lead him through different trials. Romell did not grow up in a Christian home and he admits that maybe if he had that foundation, he would have done things differently.

Romell first heard about God through a friend. He says a friend planted a seed and from there God started giving him “several warning signs.” The Lord was “heavily convicting” him and opening his eyes to the way he was living. Romell started seeing the worldly messages in the music he was listening to and the movies he was watching. He says he was feeling the conviction but he kept doing what he loved. He loved muscle cars and thought that pursuing that interest would make him happy.

“It was a spiritual battle” but Romell finally made the decision to give his life to the Lord and fully commit to God and his family. ┬áRomell is now building a godly foundation for his children.

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