Faithful Invitations Build Faith

This is Daniel’s second time coming to the SoCal Harvest. He’s here with his wife, Edith, and their two sons: Dangelo, who’s seven, and his three-year-old brother Dillon. The family attends Calvary Chapel Downey, which is where they first heard of the Harvest Crusade.

Daniel invited his friend, Chris, who he met at the gym. Chris has been sharing with Daniel how he and his wife, Yolanda, have been experiencing marital problems. “You need God in your life,” Daniel had encouraged Chris during many a workout but Chris always responded, “I’m just not ready.” Chris has lost hope in his marriage and believes his wife doesn’t love him anymore. He defeatingly told Daniel that they wouldn’t be going to the SoCal Harvest, as all hope in his marriage has faded. But God had other plans for Chris and Yolanda, and at the last minute, this afternoon he called Daniel and told him they were both coming.

Pray for Chris and Yolanda, that their hearts would be open and ready to hear the Good News as Pastor Greg Laurie presents the gospel message tonight. Pray the Lord would turn Chris and Yolanda’s eternal direction around, heal their hearts and their marriage.

Daniel and Edith will be back again tomorrow night, this time with Edith’s brother, Oscar, who doesn’t know Jesus yet.

So we encourage you to invite a friend, a family member, a coworker, a neighbor, a stranger; there are two days left for the Lord to work a miracle in the life of someone He’s placed before you. It will be a blessing for you to see what God does as He moves in the lives of those you invite and will increase your faith in the God who loves you.

Update: We received word from Daniel that Chris and Yolanda went down to the field tonight! We will report more of this story soon.

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