How Churches Can Participate

Over the last 27 years, some 5.7 million people have attended Harvest outreaches and 488,177 have responded to the invitations to accept Christ as Savior. It is our hope that you and your church will also want to participate in the upcoming SoCal Harvest.

If you represent a church in the SoCal region, you are invited to not only attend the event live, but become a follow-up church to help guide and instruct those who become followers of Christ at the SoCal Harvest.

To be a participating church, you’ll need to select a church coordinator and get them trained. Church coordinators can be staff people or lay people. Anyone excited about evangelism and serving the Lord can be a church coordinator.

By attending a 60-minute meeting (see list of meetings here), your church coordinator will get everything they need to help your church, including invitations, posters, and instructions for how to use each piece—and your church will be fully brought up to speed.

We pray that your church will opt to help follow up on those responding to the gospel in August. We will provide an overview of how all this works, and a follow-up packet with detailed instructions and timelines. If your church coordinator is going to delegate this role, they may even want to bring along a second person to the meeting.

Please RSVP at to let us know who will be representing your church and which meeting they will attend.

We’re looking forward to partnering with your church to introduce thousands of people to Jesus Christ on August 18–20!

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