Meet Pastor Mike Jonker

My name is Mike Jonker.

It’s a fantastic experience to see so many churches in the Southland pulling together each summer for the SoCal Harvest at Angel Stadium. I hope you are one of them.

Like some of you, I went to the first SoCal Summer Harvest in 1990 with my very young family in tow. We sat on the lawn at the Pacific Amphitheatre. It was beyond packed with thousands of people. I have been to every one since that first year, 26 years of them, every summer.

What Christian doesn’t love seeing people come and make a decision to believe in and follow Jesus Christ?

I’ve had the privilege of inviting many people: businessmen, construction workers, surfers, convicts, drug addicts, college students, soccer moms, and more. And some of the people I’ve invited have prayed to make a decision of faith at the event. Others have nicely taken an invitation from me knowing they were not intending to go. That’s OK, maybe next year. We’re just called to plant and water. We do our part and God always does His part.

This year I have the opportunity to help direct the SoCal Crusade again. I am anticipating great things. I want to help churches and pastors harness the great opportunity to not only see loved ones come to Christ, but to see their congregations get excited and equipped to share Jesus Christ with others. I see it as a huge “Good News Event” that every church can take advantage of and make their own.

I hope you’ll join Greg Laurie, and me, and hundreds of other pastors and churches as we share the Good News of Jesus Christ together to the people of our home here in Southern California.

You can contact me at 951-712-4369 or at for more information.

Also, if you haven’t registered for our pastor luncheon on April 18, please go to and register to come. We’ll see you there.

God bless,


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