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Raquel and Chris


Meet Raquel and Chris. They were lied to today. It happened when they got a knock on the door this morning. Raquel’s cousin had showed up from Ontario at their door step in La Puente to invite them to a "music festival."

"Like Coachella?" asked Raquel. "Yeah. Like Coachella," he told them. They got into the car this afternoon and they were brought here to Anaheim to see the Harvest Crusade. Tonight they both recommitted their lives to the Lord. Raquel and Chris are newlyweds, married under a year. What a wonderful way to start off their marriage! And as for their cousin, they aren’t mad at him for lying to them. They are happily looking forward to finding a new church where they can belong and build their life together. There’s nothing better than a marriage built on the firm foundation of Jesus.

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