But Now I Am Found!


Tonight’s crusade shined the spotlight on many people from the crowd and their testimonies of God’s grace. As the Harvest Worship Band sang the lyrics to Amazing Grace, “I once was lost, but now I’m found,” more than a dozenĀ individuals held up signs, one-by-one, indicating their past struggles, sins, and trials.

I once was suicidal
I once was in a cult
I once was sick with cancer
I once was a gang member
I once was sentenced to life in prison

But as the audience read each sign, it was flipped over to reveal the phrase that brings common ground to each of us who are redeemed in Christ: “But now I’m found,” a beaming smile on the face of each individual visually telling their story.

What’s your story? How would you fill in the blank with just a few words? “I once was _______, but now I’m found.” Tell your story to someone this week, to point to God’s story of forgiveness and redemption.

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