Third Day on stage, Pray for Pastor Greg

The final night of the Triangle Harvest is underway and Third Day has taken the stage. One of the most popular groups in Christian music, Third Day has played previous Harvest Crusades events and has even performed at Billy Graham’s evangelistic crusades.

Drummer David Carr said the band is particularly aware that on evenings like tonight, that they want to create an opening for God to work in the lives of everyone in the audience, whether it’s a nonbeliever or a longtime Christian.

“If we leave people without some sense of closeness to God, even to people who’ve heard it a million times, we’ve missed the point,” drummer David Carr said. “If we’re strong, it’s because of something He did. We just try to humble ourselves and say, ‘God, that is what we could do in 25 minutes. Go and do with it what You will.’”

And that’s our prayer as Pastor Greg prepares to give his message tonight on “God’s Cure for Heart Trouble.” Please be praying for him as he speaks from the Word of God and invites people to make the decision to follow Christ.

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