Radio Crusade Week

While the Harvest Crusades team is in New Zealand for the Greater Wellington Harvest, listeners to Pastor Greg’s A New Beginning radio teaching program are also getting a taste of Harvest Crusades this week with our first Radio Crusade.

A New Beginning is broadcasting music from Harvest Crusades artists, testimonies, and special evangelistic messages from Pastor Greg all this week. We are also sharing testimonies on the program from people whose lives were changed at these events. Check here for the radio schedule in your area. And if you miss them, you can listen to the archives on our website.

Here is a letter we received from one of our listeners:

Dear Pastor Greg,

Thank you so much for putting your crusades on the radio. I have been listening to them in the morning on 99.7 WRDR The Bridge. I listen to your show every morning, but these crusades are so inspiring . . . just hearing the people talk about how they are feeling at them. I have not attended a Harvest Crusade yet, but I hope to in the future . . .

Thank you for being on the radio and for bringing the Bible to us in such a clear and understandable way. I am Catholic, but have never had an understanding of the Bible as now that I am listening to you. May God bless you and your ministry that you may continue to bring people to Jesus.



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