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The Triangle Harvest Is Complete!

Welcome to Crusade Connection at the Triangle Harvest in Raleigh, North Carolina!

Sunday night was the biggest night yet, as 16,500 people filled the RBC Center. The crowd heard from Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, as she shared her faith in Christ. In addition, they got to hear music from Third Day and Dennis Agajanian.

Pastor Greg Laurie spoke on the topic of “God’s Cure for Heart Trouble” and invited each audience member to come forward and find peace of heart and mind through Jesus Christ. And respond they did, as 815 people responded to the message of the gospel.

For the entire weekend, there were 41,500 people who attended the Triangle Harvest. Of those people, 2,470 came forward to make professions of faith. In addition, our Students With A Testimony team helped lead 53 more people to a saving relationship with God through street witnessing. We are so blessed to have been part of this, and know that all this was made possible only through the Lord.

We wanted to share a few stories of lives that have been changed here this weekend.

  • Jenny’s life had been going downhill recently. Already dealing with addictions, she had just found out she was pregnant. After seeing a crusade bumper sticker, she was encouraged to come out. After hearing Pastor Greg’s message, she realized there was an answer and it meant going down to the floor to accept Jesus into her heart.
  • Michael, a friend of Jenny, was addicted to drugs and knew he needed help. He came to the crusade, not knowing what to expect. Hearing that Jesus loved him, Michael knew he needed to come forward and give his heart to Christ. He said he knows that God can heal him of his addiction.
  • A mother from Raleigh came to the crusade Saturday night with her husband and daughter, who were both believers. The mom responded to the invitation and gave her heart to Christ. The next morning, she went to church, the first time all three of them had ever been to church together.

And that’s a wrap! The Harvest Crusades team will be heading back to California over the next few days, so please be praying for safe travels.

Once again, thank you so much for your prayers. As a supporter of our efforts, you are as much a part of what God did in Raleigh as we are.

Keep an eye out for the next Crusade Connection e-mail, coming soon, and be sure to check the Crusade Connection blog for the latest updates and news.

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