Stories from the Harvest

Most of the Harvest Crusades team is back in California after the Triangle Harvest and we are still rejoicing over what God accomplished in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Just to recap, 41,500 people came to the RBC Center over the three days of the Triangle Harvest. Of that group, 2,471 people responded to the call of the Holy Spirit and made professions of faith during the event.

In addition, 12,966 people watched the live webcasts over the Internet.

We have been getting some wonderful feedback from those who attended the event. We’d like to share a few of those messages with you:

  • Nicky: My life lately has been in the slumps. . . . I started to cut myself to cope with all of this. It seemed to relieve the pain associated with this and I was able to forget about my problems for a while. . . . I tried to stop, but I was addicted. . . . It finally came to the point of thinking about committing suicide. . . . One of my closest friends told me about Harvest and that Greg Laurie would be speaking along with performances by Christian bands. I had heard that Christ saves lives, so I decided to give it a chance. After attending your program, I feel like my life has made a complete turnaround. I pledged my life to Christ and decided to stop hurting myself. All this time, I thought God could never forgive me for what I had done to myself, and all of the sins I had committed. But after hearing what Greg had to say, it opened up my eyes. I am now living a new life as a Christian. Thank you, Greg Laurie, for changing my life. You are truly blessed.
  • Tim: I had absolutely no intention of rededicating my life to Christ, or what I should say is dedicating my life to Christ for the first time. When you gave the invitation, I went without thinking. Maybe that is what I should have done all along. I went from the heart. What was the experience like? Well, I didn’t pass out or cry or, as you said in the handout, see God burst through the ceiling of the RBC Center. He gave me peace, Greg, the peace that I’ve been looking for for 56 years. I have a new life. Bless you for being His vessel.
  • Anjali: It was amazing to watch the webcast live as it allowed me to pray simultaneously for the people who committed their lives to Christ as they were coming forward. Praise God for the wonderful work He is doing and, more importantly, how He is using technology to spread His Word.

It is such a blessing to hear these words, though we know that it is God who deserves the praise. He did the work, and we were simply the tools for Him to use.

Thank you so much for your prayer support of Harvest Crusades.

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