Event Details

August 17–19, 2018

Basic information

Admission Free (stadium charges $15 to park)
Translations Spanish, Sign Language
Gates open Fri/Sat: 5:00 PM, Sun: 4:00 PM
Event begins Fri/Sat: 7:00 PM, Sun: 6:00 PM
Event ends Fri/Sat: 9:15 PM, Sun: 8:15 PM

Venue information

Angel Stadium
2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806

Frequently asked questions

General information

  • How much does the SoCal Harvest cost to attend?
    There is no cost to attend SoCal Harvest.
    However, Angel Stadium does charge $15.00 per car for parking (cash or credit card accepted). Buses are $30.00.
  • Where will SoCal Harvest take place?
    Angel Stadium
    2000 E Gene Autry Way,
    Anaheim, CA 92806 Directions
  • How do I get tickets?
    No tickets are needed; seating is first-come, first-served.
  • Can I watch the event from home?
    Yes, the event will be webcast live on this site and you may view it on ROKU at the Harvest Channel.

At the venue

  • Can I have a tailgate party?
    At Angel Stadium, you are allowed to have a tailgate party. However, only gas barbeques are allowed.
  • What restrooms are available prior to gates opening?
    Angel Stadium restrooms are available prior to the gates opening; they are located in the parking lot near the Orangewood entrance.
  • Can I bring food or drinks into the stadium?
    You can bring one unopened bottle of water per person into the stadium. No other food or drinks are permitted.
  • Will food be available for sale inside the stadium?
    Yes. Concession stands will be open until Greg Laurie speaks. Alcohol will not be available.
  • Can I reserve or save seats?
    No. Seating is first-come, first-served.
  • Is there special-needs seating?
    Yes. Special-needs and wheelchair seating is available on the Ground Level down first base and third base lines along the Concourse. Please ask an usher or staff member to direct you when you enter the stadium.
  • What language translations will be available?
    Sign Language and Spanish
  • What musicians will be performing?
    • Friday: Passion Band
    • Saturday: Jordan Feliz
    • Sunday: Chris Tomlin

Traveling and serving

  • Is there bus transportation?
    We do not provide bus transportation. However, please check with your local church as they might.
  • How do I train to be an usher or a decision follow-up worker?
    Registration is not open yet, but you will be able to register on this website.
  • Where and when do I enter if I am a trained decision follow-up worker?
    Decision follow-up workers' check-in is located just inside of Gate 1, 4, or 6. You will enter the stadium at the same time as the general public, up to the start time of the event.
  • Where and when do I enter if I am a trained field supervisor?
    Field Supervisor check-in is located inside of Gate 4. Go to the "Supervisor" line at the decision follow-up worker tables.
  • Can I be a vendor at the event?
    There are no outside vendors permitted at the SoCal Harvest other than participating musical guests and participating radio stations.
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