Join the SoCal Harvest team!
Thousands of volunteers will be needed August 18–20. If you would like to be used by God, we'd like to put you to work! Here are some ways you can get involved:

Decision follow-up worker

This is a ten-minute friend to those who make a profession of faith, praying for and encouraging them in their walk with Christ.
Sign up to bebe a follow-up worker Instructions for serving instructions


Ushers work as a team and are assigned to oversee a section in the venue to greet those arriving and help them find seating.
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Prayer room

Prayer will be offered up during the event from start to finish in a private room in the venue.
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In the days leading up to the event, volunteers will work in shifts alongside the professional stage crew to piece together the stage.
Instructions for serving instructions

Merch booths

Merch Booth volunteers serve others by displaying and selling products at the event, answering questions, and processing sales transactions.
Instructions for serving instructions


Active or former law enforcement officers, or those currently serving on a church's security team, will work with the venue staff and local law enforcement to ensure a safe environment for those in attendance.
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