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It is clear that God had a plan for Vance and Michael from the first day they met in 2001. They were both in the US Navy, but from different places. Neither knowing that years later the Lord was going to bring them together at just the right time. These brothers in Christ attended last night’s SoCal Harvest.

Vance was brought up in a Christian home. When he was 13-years-old he was diagnosed with cancer, lymphoma—with a lump the size of a walnut. He had two biopsies to confirm the cancer but his mother was sure that God was going to heal him. He said the whole church was praying for him. What a blessing it is to have a church community praying for you.¬†When he went in for surgery, the doctors could not find the cancer. He still has the scar to remind him of the miracle God performed for him that day.

In 2005, Vance’s friend died from drinking and the news left Vance lost and angry. He admits after that he was drifting and his life went into a downward spiral. One day, when he was at the barbershop, he heard someone talking about the Lord and Vance felt God calling again. He says, “Only through the Holy Spirit can someone be converted.” God was preparing him to be a rock for his friend Michael.

Michael committed his life to Christ in 2007; you can see the passion and love Michael has for the Lord even after suffering a tremendous loss. Michael was married and has two beautiful kids. In November, Michael’s wife lost her battle with breast cancer. Although Michael could have been angry with God and blame Him for the loss of his wife, he instead held on to God. Michael was in the field praying for direction from the Lord on teaching God’s Word. He knew God has been calling him for more but it was not until last night that he felt God answer his prayer. Michael and Vance are a great example on how God uses people in our life for His purpose.

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