Answered Prayers

Earlier tonight I met Vince, youth pastor for A New Song Christian Fellowship who brought Rory, Blossom, Angelina, and Dillion; the four had never been to a Harvest Crusade. Many prayed for them throughout the night and as Pastor Greg was giving the message we prayed that God would open their eyes to the truth of Jesus.

Once again God proved faithful as prayers were answered; Rory, Blossom, Angelina, and Dillion all made the long way down to the field (they were sitting in the nosebleed section) and prayed to commit their lives to Jesus tonight.

Life as an 11-year-old boy can be a bit awkward at times, but God can give Dillion strength he never imagined to live a courageous life.

Living the life of a teenage girl isn’t always easy, but God loves Blossom and Angelina and brought them here tonight to show them just how much. He will give them the ability to see how beautiful they are in His eyes.

God called Rory to Himself tonight and can give him the ability to turn away from temptation, and keep on the straight road to the real Way—Jesus, who so loves Rory that He suffered and died for him and brought him to Angel Stadium for such a time as this.

Praise God for faithful servants like Vince, who care about others enough to invite them and drive them from Upland to Anaheim. Tonight the eternal destination of Rory, Blossom, Angelina, and Dillion has been changed thanks to the faithfulness of Vince, and God’s perfect timing.

Pray the Lord will protect these four, give them understanding of His word, strength to walk in the light of Christ, and fullness of His love.


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