Pray for a True Spiritual Awakening for these First-Timers

Meet 26-year-old Vince, a faithful servant of the Lord who drove all the way from Upland to bring four friends (Rory, Blossom, Angelina, and Dillion) who he invited to this year’s SoCal Harvest Crusade. Vince grew up going to Rivergate Christian Fellowship in Corona, but when the pastor passed away he and his family began attending Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside. That’s when he really started following God. He is now the youth pastor at A New Song Christian Fellowship in Upland. This is his seventh crusade!


This is bandana-wearing Rory’s first crusade. Rory considers himself spiritually enlightened and believes that Christ dwells within all people in different degrees depending on their level of illumination. He also believes in some form of reincarnation as he stated, “In this life I’m 20 years old.” This is also 14-year-old Blossom, 14-year-old Angelina, and 11-year-old Dillion’s first crusade. None of them attend church or know any of the bands playing tonight.

Pray for these four, that they would hear the message of Gods love and respond to His invitation.

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