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  1. Lynda says:

    How long will the DVDs from the More conference be available?

    • Virtue says:

      The More Conference DVD set will be available until June 24th. The DVD set can be purchased in the Harvest Bookstore or through the Harvest.org online store here.

      • Ginger says:

        I wanted to order the More Conference DVD online. I went to the Harvest Store as you suggested but did not find anything on the MORE CONFERENCE.

        • Virtue says:

          Ginger – The post and link are referring to the 2012 MORE Conference DVD set. This set is no longer available. The 2014 MORE Conference DVD is currently only available in the Harvest Book Store.

  2. Christine says:

    This is a great opportunity. I am a single woman in search of so many things. From how to be a more focused Christian woman in this world down to keeping close to Him because I feel He is all I have and can count on.

    Due to the fact that I have a neck injury it keeps me from attending physically to Harvest here in Riverside. Sitting is the worst thing for me but would love to attend.

    One thing I feel that, God is calling me to do more and I just have no idea where to start. I want to be involved and I don’t know how to do that either. With so much going on in Harvest and the growth, I feel like I am missing so much.

    I remember 22 years ago when Harvest was this tiny little building. Now look what God has done. I have been a believer for 7 years and since my injury I have learned so much want to take in all the things I am missing. I just have no idea where to start. So I just listen online.

    Thank you Cathe for all you do.

  3. Melanie says:

    Hi Christine, you posted awhile back but I just wanted to tell you I just prayed for you… that the Lord would lead and guide in the direction that He wants you to go. I am unable to make it to fellowship for various reasons, but I do try to pray for people when I see a need. It’s a great way to offer people support when you’re unable to get out. God bless. :)

  4. Stephanie says:

    So glad to have joined Harvest Ministries and I am single, but choose to stay close to God and serve Him. So many attacks from the evil one Satan, but God is in control. Pray for me and my son Adrian to finish God’s work in our lives.” Thy will be done Lord Jesus!”

  5. Kelly says:

    This website is such a blessing. I watch something everyday. I first discovered it while searching for the Pursuing God studies. With a little exploring I unearthed a treasure chest of quality content on a wide variety of subjects.

    This is my first choice if I want to watch a Bible Study or learn how to style my granddaughter’s hair! If this was a TV station it would be under my Favorites Button on my remote. But, it’s so much better than any TV programming I’ve ever seen.

    Cathe Laurie you ROCK. Thank you for your walk with Jesus that shines through this website. Thank you for reminding us that mentoring is such a valuable pursuit. Thank you for making everything spiritual and godly also cool and desirable.
    In His love,

  6. Tammy says:

    Love this, keeps me in touch when life gets busy:D

  7. Monica says:

    Love this we are Italian and can relate well. Jo is great, she reminds me of my Mom. Cathe and Greg were funny and that sauce looks great. We call it gravy in our family. lol

  8. Joyce Luke says:

    This sounds fantastic!! Great!! Thank you!!!

  9. Ginger LeClair says:

    I attended Harvest for the first time this morning. I recently moved to Costa Mesa from Laguna Niguel and wanted to get involved in a more local church. Harvest is the third church I tried. The enemy certainly didn’t want me there today. As I was leaving home I took my trash out to the trash chute and my car keys ended up going down with the trash. I was a little late for church but I made it. Worship was in full swing when I got there. As I entered the sanctuary and the usher was leading me to a seat it just felt right and good. I signed up for the Virtue class in Sept. I am an active senior and don’t know anyone in Costa Mesa. I am looking forward to making friends at Harvest and seeing what God has in store.

  10. Rosalie sanchez says:

    Hello, I love the virtue website introduction. Cathe is so kind and hospitable. My husband Nestor and I attend Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I was up this morning watching messages from Calvary Chapels. All are very awesome! Good food for the soul. Thank God for all of you. :)

  11. Ter says:

    This is inspiring God’s women uplifting and supporting each other. Keep me in prayer – I’m trying to get out of an unhealthy ungodly relationship.

  12. Annie says:

    Hi I am new to this web site. I listen to pastor Greg every morning as I get ready for work. I love his teaching. I do need prayer. I find myself in a state of not attending church, I miss praise and worship. I feel I am not worthy of God’s love. I have an addiction, I shop a lot. I am out of control. I need prayer to stop this spending and go back to church. I do pray daily, but this is also a struggle for me. I am taking pain medication for a back problem I have. I am, at times, in severe pain and need to take my medication. I just need prayer to feel God’s presence in my life. Please can someone pray for me. I need to be liberated from this addiction I have. It is keeping me from spending time with the Lord. Thank you.

  13. Martha says:

    Thank you for Virtue ministry. It is uplifting, and I am growing in His Word. Thank you Cathe and sisters in leadership.
    Blessings….. Harvest Christian Fellowship Riverside Ca.

  14. Assumpta Chris says:

    I must say I’m so grateful to God for leading me to this site through the Holy Spirit.
    I feel like I’m at home with warming hands embracing me.

    Nobody knows what I have been going through but God Himself and I thank God for bringing me here.
    I deeply and sincerely pray for God to help me with my DIVINE CALL: My gospel musical careers by providing me with good sponsors. This will enable me take Christ to all nations.

    Keep doing your good work my Dear, may God help us all in Jesus name!

  15. Teresa says:

    Thank you so much Cathe and the rest of the beautiful Godly women in Virtue ministry. We are so blessed to have such a loving, encouraging, inspiring, forgiving, compassionate, teaching, generous, nurturing, and gracious group of women. I am truly blessed to be able to be a part of the study in this ministry since 2000. Thank You Lord for Your unconditional love that You shower the Virtue women leaders with and they never hold back in sharing Your love Lord. Continue my loving Father to bless them, continue to guide, direct their steps and keep them safe in mind, body, soul and spirit. I love them and I know You love them even more.

  16. Kay Christopher says:

    I attended Girl Talk 2016 last Thursday and it was more than awesome!!! Jennie Lusko’s message was wonderful!!! It was exactly what I needed. I bought a house in Kansas to help my sister with our Mother. I did this only after God told me to go … Seek more time with your family! I have been dragging my feet in the move. I closed on the house on Friday, May 13, 2016 & I am still in CA hating to leave Harvest!!! Jennie’s message “Push through and be that Proverbs 31 woman was so helpful!!! When my eyes open in the morning, now I get up with a smile on my face saying I am going to push through this heat in 29 Palms!!! I am getting so excited to see what God has for me there but my heart will NEVER LEAVE HARVEST!!!

    I am wondering if I started a Bible study if I could listen or download Cathie’s messages? Or even just for myself? I just don’t know why God is removing me from Harvest…but I will watch online every, Sunday, Wed., Thurs., and how do I get Virtue???

    • Virtue says:

      Hi Kay, we’re so glad you were blessed by Jennie’s message on Growing Stronger at Girl Talk 2016. So were we! It sounds like the Lord gave you just the encouragement you need as you step into a new season of following His will and serving where He leads you. We are praying for you! The answer to your question about listening and downloading Cathe’s messages is…yes! You can access all the teaching messages and download the lessons right here on the Virtue page. Just click the link on the side to Bible Study Archives. There is no cost for the lessons. Once you’re settled, if you decide to start a group study, you can download as many lessons as you need and watch the archived messages. God bless you and yours!

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