gospel of john introduction

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  1. Barbara Trott says:

    Oh!! this is such a wonderful blessing to be able to download the bible study, but what a wonderful wonderful blessing to have audio and video. I hope to be able to share this with some of the ladies in my neighborhood. For some have asked about what I do for bible study? Now I’ll have this to share. Thank you from the dry desert of Bullhead City, Az.

  2. Tracy from the UK says:

    WOW ! Thankyou ladies at ‘VIRTUE’ I am going to share this at my study group. You all speak so beautifully and the study notes are amaZING !!!

  3. Melissa Bell says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I have never been apart of a “real” bible study. I can’t wait to share this with the ladies from my women’s group. I thank God for all of you who have made this possible. My only wish would be to actually be there with you on Wednesday mornings. The video is the next best thing.
    Thanks and God Bless You!!!

  4. Cynthia in Sacramento says:

    Just starting your VIRTUE study in John, here on New Year’s Day. The next best thing to attending Harvest Fellowship Church in person is attending Sunday mornings live on-line, and now here with this awesome study. Thank you for using the power of technology to reach people everywhere. I feel like I am a member just through the Internet and iTunes.

  5. Osuna says:

    From Venezuela …..Thank you so much for the Virtue Bible study. It’s amazing…..God is blessing you……Regards.

  6. Mistin says:

    This online women’s bible study is such a blessing, God. Thank you for making it available! It’s wonderful to be able to download the notes and video. Thank you for sharing your ministry with the world.
    From Australia with Love,

  7. Avis Owens says:

    Hi Cathe and team of Virtue teachers,
    I was so blessed by the Virtue Bible study at the Free Chapel in Irvine on Thursday mornings! I grew
    in my faith and friendships and my core leader Kelly was the best; not to mention, the worship led by Carrie.
    It was so fresh and new and led by the Holy Spirit each week because the songs we would sing drew us
    into the lesson as the songs tied into each week in the book of John. I was so blessed to be able to set
    up the refreshment tables with such a great group of women who love Jesus and shared that love with me.
    At the beginning, I was in a boot due to toe surgery. I was shy, but God met my needs and healed me on many levels! I cannot wait for the summer study on July 7th to begin! Thank you and John 21:17 tells us to
    feed his sheep. Get plugged in and get fed!
    Love, Avis Owens

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