thankful tree

November 12th, 2015 | Posted by Aubrey O'Boyle
This is a great activity to do with your kids throughout the month and can be used as a table centerpiece for Thanksgiving. read more...


mini pumpkin succulent

October 29th, 2015 | Posted by Virtue
Aren't these fun? It's a mini "pum-culent" (pumpkin + succulent) and this little beauty is so simple to make! With just a few supplies and 10 minutes, you can create a fresh take on a classic fall decoration. read more...


animal magnets

September 28th, 2015 | Posted by Kelsie Council
When I moved into my first apartment, I was all about DIY everything. I decided to try out these animal magnets and luckily, it was one thing from Pinterest that actually worked! read more...


drop cloth beach blanket

August 20th, 2015 | Posted by Alyssa Lee
This is a fun activity to do with the kids now that school's out. The kids will love helping create this blanket to take on picnics or to the beach. You can also find poly-backed drop cloth for some extra water resistance. read more...


shell mirror

July 23rd, 2015 | Posted by Sheryl Briggs
I've always wanted one of those seashell mirrors but they are so expensive. So, gathering up the shells I had collected and finding the perfect mirror on clearance, I made my own. read more...