life is so daily

July 23rd, 2015 | Posted by Cindy Collins
A weary cleaning woman said to her friend, "The trouble with life is that it's so daily." We all feel that way some days. But in reality, one of the best things about life is that we can take it one day at a time. In Luke 9:23, Jesus says, "If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me." read more...


teachable moments in the chaos

June 18th, 2015 | Posted by Alyssa Lee
A simple trip to the mall didn't seem like a big deal. But when you have three young children, nothing is simple, and everything feels like a big deal. From the start, this trip was headed down a rocky road, but I had things I needed to get. read more...


coming together

June 2nd, 2015 | Posted by Tiffany Velasquez
Our 2015 Virtue Bible Study through the Book of Acts has just come to a bittersweet close for our summer break. I cannot even begin to recap the many joys, answered prayers, growth, stretching, and praises we have to reflect on and give thanks for. read more...


snippy, snappy, and definitely not happy

May 20th, 2015 | Posted by Mary Powell
What does a typical morning in your house, in your life, in your day, look like? Does it consist of the smell of Starbucks wafting through the house and sunlight glittering through the windows . . . read more...


count your blessings, don’t idolize them

May 14th, 2015 | Posted by Tayler Green
Every day I have the pleasure of walking into my happy place, the space that gives me freedom from all burdens and worries of this life, the place that I can rest in, knowing that nothing can hurt me here. I can leave my pain at the door and know that, as long as I am here, nothing can bring me down. read more...