Cathe's Notes

Outrageous Mercy —

How do you respond when you've been wronged by someone? When I forgive someone, I choose to show love and mercy by releasing them from the debt they owe for the wrong they have done....

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Three Gifts at Christmas —

There are so many great ways to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, talking...

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Oven Roasted Rack of Lamb —

Serve this classic dish for any occasion. Tender, oven-roasted with garlic and...

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Inspiration Board —

Getting ready for 2017? An inspiration board is a great way to gather your projects,...

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About Virtue

The virtuous woman is a woman of many strengths and heroic courage. Not exactly the picture of Victorian grandmothers dressed in black, or pale-complexioned ladies sipping tea, right? But is this virtuous woman, in essence, a man? Not on your life. We are uniquely and wonderfully female, with all the complexities implied. A woman of many strengths. Hopefully you'll come to discover exactly how that can look as you poke around this site. Enjoy!